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Voroshev Luxury Living


We are a luxury design studio based in Venice, Italy that offers Interior Design, Exterior design and Project Management services. Our objective is to create unique and exclusive environments tailored to the individual requirements of our clients, crafted with precision and care, in some of the most desirable, prominent locations in the world. Our highly qualified fit-out team enables us to deliver turnkey top class projects.


Voroshev Luxury Living aims to provide its clients with the most complete service, from research and advisory to the design proposal, the ordering process as well as the delivery and final installation. Our highly-experienced italian designers are fully qualified in interior design and architecture, enabling them to offer comprehensive professional services for both residential and larger scale projects.

      HOW WE DO IT

Luxury is in each detail





Starting from the design stage and then in the course of production up to installation and delivery, our specialists assumes the duty to coordinate and supervise all operation at any stage, taking accurate control on the exact execution of the order. 


Our specialists constantly keep an eye on the latest trends in design and guarantee individual approach in every single project. Almost  all our furniture collections can be customised into tailor-made, exclusive pieces, offering anything from the simple to the more outrageous.


We are specialized in bespoke furniture with a particular focus on modern and contemporary luxury design.  Our mission is to support you and create your perfect environment in which to live, work and enjoy life.

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